Aluminum & Steel Waler For Column:

This system is being done to complete the process of molding the structure of the columns of different heights. And the system is illustrated in this drawing three-dimensional

H20 & Steel Qaler For Columns:

H20 and steel waler system is one of the most flexible systems in Manar formwork. In addition, it is a multipurpose system, where it can be used in different applications. The H20 & steel waler column system formwork elements are easily and quickly assembled by connecting the H20 timber beams to the steel waler by the means of H20 connection. Moreover, elements dismantling are done as easily as system erection. The main H20 and steel waler system advantage is that it provides both high adaptation and easy re-assembling when structure ground plans are changed frequently

Profemax For Column:

Profemax system is an ideal column formwork for the sites which use crane in operations. Profemax every type of projects very successfully. Either the dimensions of walls and columns are changing continuously or they are always the same throughout the project. It isn’t important for profemax system. Profemax System is easy and adjustable for both situations. The high resistance of the surrounding profile allows the panels to withstand the high concrete pressure.

Circular Column

The circular column formwork is totally made of steel and used to form fair-faced concrete columns. The circular column formwork consists of 2 identical semi-circular column panel. Only persons with sufficient skills and knowledge are permitted to assemble and disassemble the circular column formwork. This manual describes the standard assembly and disassembly.


The VMC column light weight panel system is an innovative system where a range of panels and accessories are responsible for quick and economical framing of any vertical column shape in the buildings. Moreover, Due to the lightness and high materials quality of the VMC column system, it allows for either manual or crane handling which enables for extraordinary performance. In order to reach the optimum balance between both the lightness and the strength, new materials and technical innovations were introduced and combined together resulting for this ideal balance.